The best way to prepare for a start up is to work in one…

If you’ve ever thought of starting a business then one of the best ways to prepare is to join a start up with a solid team. Our founders build businesses on the foundations of open communication, strong team work and data backed decision making – just some of the necessary ingredients to building a fast growing start up successfully.
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Have an impact

Working at a start up can be one of the most impactful decisions you can make in your career. As part of a small company your actions and day to day results will matter and the experience you gain in just a short time will serve you well however you choose to progress your career.

Company: in young startups everyone sees a piece of the action and every position in the company contributes to meaningful results for the business. Results are measured in days not months and products, improvements are pushed out in weeks. Know that what you do will matter, to the company and all its stakeholders.

Experience: With double digit monthly growth rates it’s all hands on deck with an internet venture meaning that you’ll have to learn fast with early responsibility. With a strong open learning environment and shared problem solving, you’ll learn more than what is entailed in your specific role giving you the opportunity to progress your professional experience faster than many other places.

Upside: for certain positions options for equity are available in the company – making you an inherent stakeholder in the business and the opportunity to share in the upside of the business as it grows.

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